Monday, October 22, 2007

Update from Joan

In June 2006, the Downtown Knit Collective Relay for Life team launched our initiative to provide hand-knitted items (pink hats, scarves etc) to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of those undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. Each month, members are asked to deliver their donations to the Dr Knit table. "Knitting for a Cure" cards are to be filled out and attached to the item. Also at the Dr Knit Table there will be a selection from the many wonderful donations of pink yarn which are available to members to knit their scarf or hat.

These donations are delivered to Lindsay Grange at the Central Toronto Branch of the Canadian Cancer Society. Lindsay ensures that the donations reach a worthy recipient at Princess Margaret Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital or the Dorothy Ley Hospice.

Collection for our second year of Knitting for a Cure began with a bang at the Relay for Life last June with a total of 35 scarves and one hat being collected. We received this lovely thank you note from Lindsay:

Dear Joan and Downtown Knit Collective,

Thank you very much for all of your hand knit scarves and hats. We have sent them to a number of different groups across Toronto. I know that each and every survivor is touched by your kindness.

I hope that you have a nice summer. I can't wait for Relay 2008.


Over the summer, an additional 4 scarves were hand delivered to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. In addition, 7 scarves and one hat were received at our September meeting.

This brings our second year totals to: 46 scarves and 2 hats.

We hope that all DKC members will donate a pink knitted item for this initiative. Just think, if each member knit a scarf, we would have a wonderfully huge pile of 200 scarves to deliver.

Let's make the Downtown Knit Collective--Knitting for a Cure a huge success. Let's ensure that all those undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer receives their own special pink ribbon of hope!

This month, Kathryn Petrie, former DKC member and sales rep for Diamond Yarns, has very generously offered the pattern for her Diamond Luxury Collection Suri Scarf to Knitting for a Cure. Those of you at the September DKC meeting will have seen a sample of this scarf in the Dino and Tom's hilarious presentation for Diamond Yarns.

Kathryn writes: I am absolutely humbled and honoured that my scarf will go to a breast cancer patient. As you may remember, my own dear mother died of cancer (liver cancer in her case) and she went through so much anguish and pain with chemo. I was always by her side while she having her chemo treatments, but I can imagine a "hug" scarf would be such a lovely comforting thing for any patient who cannot have a friend or family member there to help them through it. Everyone needs a hug now and then. But, cancer patients need all the hugs and support they can get. Any efforts to help find "The Cure" will always have my full support and cooperation. I would be absolutely overjoyed to have my simple pattern included in the DKC newsletter.