Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is Joan, captain of the DKC Relay for Life team. We have a special dispensation to knit for a cure during the relay - isn't that awesome?! You can pledge our team here. It's okay - the team members will be taking turns with the link - hee hee. We're going to be knitting the night away on June 22nd at the Forest Hill Memorial Park.

Throughout the year we will continue to knit scarves which are donated to the Central Toronto division of the Cdn Cancer Society who pass them along to various centres & hospices for distribution to survivors - all of whom deserve their own special pink ribbon of hope!
We will gladly accept finished pink scarves or donations of pink yarn for our knitters to use. Please leave a comment and we'll let you know where to send them.
We will update the blog with pictures of scarves, letters from survivors and thanks for our sponsors.

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